Business strategies and HR solutions in Africa

Sustainable businesses need reliable partners.

AfricaWorks offers strategic partnerships for European companies doing business in Africa.

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AfricaWorks implements qualification programs for future distribution partners in Africa.

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Markets of growth

Africa is one of the most important growth regions. Sustainable corporate activities in Africa require good preparation, reliable partners and solid networks.

Strategic partners

AfricaWorks provides European companies doing business in Africa with business development and HR strategies.


Success needs reliable partners.

Together with its partners, AfricaWorks provides market entry, HR and business development strategies for European companies doing business with Africa.

Profilfoto Raoul Jochum

Raoul Jochum

Your contact person at AfricaWorks

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Partners building bridges

In a multi-month qualification program, AfricaWorks trains African partnership candidates with an academic background to become local distributors.

Profilfoto Lynda Wamuthiani

Lynda Wamuthiani

Career Consultant at AfricaWorks

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Recruiting process

AfricaWorks - Recruiting

  1. Job Profile
  2. Competence analysis
  3. Sourcing
  4. Screening
  5. Evaluation
  6. Placement
  7. Consulting

Why AfricaWorks?

In cooperation with the SEPT program of the University of Leipzig, AfricaWorks offers a training program for African talents to become import/export distribution partners.

Our qualification program is optimized for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and places special value on intercultural competence and long-term commitment.

AfricaWorks has a unique network of partners in many African countries. This facilitates market entries and reduces business risks.

Thanks to associated partners, we offer you support on all levels of business development - including start-up promotion, global mobility, project development and internal communication.

  • Training program for distribution partners
  • Intercultural competence
  • Strategic partnerships
  • 360 degree consulting


Benefits of local employees over expats

  • Local Impact 10× higher

  • Time per Hire 25% faster

  • Revenue 20% higher

  • Staff costs 70% lower


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