People and ideas behind AfricaWorks

What we believe in

We are part of a global community.

The world is changing rapidly. The challenges of today are global and therefore ask for global solutions.

At AfricaWorks, we see ourselves as a part of a global community. Consequently we have made it our goal to positively influence the world we live in by collaborating with others.

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What we do

Shaping collaboration

Collaboration fosters potential and builds bridges between our continents. We are convinced that a global community is only successful if it creates spaces for cooperation.

AfricaWorks is committed to collaboration beyond borders. We seek to contribute to a model of sustainable business and respectful coexistence by creating networks of people who share our vision.

Our contribution

We link highly qualified African candidates with international companies. Our programs:

Brain Gain

Recruiting for your business in Africa

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Recruiting software developers for your business in Europe

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Education and employment thought together

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