Mission Statement

At AfricaWorks we see ourselves as a part of a global community. We have therefore made it our goal to positively influence the world we live in by collaborating with others. We were given many privileges. That is why we help others to foster their potential.

Our goal is

  • to promote economic cooperation between Europe and Africa;
  • to strengthen entrepreneurship and to contribute to a model of sustainable economic activity;
  • to create spaces in which collaboration across continental borders can succeed;
  • to support the idea of ​​open borders and to promote the right of every individual to choose his/her place of residence and place of work.

As a contribution to this goal, we have made it our mission

  • to link highly qualified African candidates with European companies;
  • to foster career opportunities for African graduates and professionals;
  • to cooperate with selected partners such as universities, educational institutions, foundations and associations in Europe and Africa.

We refrain from collaborating with persons or actors who

  • actively support or endorse discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual preference, nationality or physical disability;
  • actively support or endorse child labor, prostitution, traffic in arms or disproportionate environmental damage as a direct or indirect consequence of their commercial activities.