FAQ for Clients

What are the services of AfricaWorks?

As a recruiting agency, AfricaWorks connects African professionals with international and local companies doing business in Africa or worldwide. Our focus lies on tech talent from Africa for employees in Europe as well as on alumni with an academic background or work experience from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We thereby take care of the entire recruiting cycle – from the composition of a job profile to the placement of the right candidate. Most of our solutions are specifically tailored to the long-term needs of each client.

Why hire through AfricaWorks?

What makes us stand out is our crowdstaffing model according to which we collaborate with over 60 recruiting partners in Africa and worldwide. Through our network we are able to identify the best fit applicants for your vacancy. Moreover, we dispose of a university and alumni association partner network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we can tap into at anytime.

What kinds of candidates can you source for my company?

Depending on your need we can source for candidates at all professional levels from over 50 countries with a focus on business, engineering and IT. The same applies to applicants at the vocational (non-academic) level. In any case, we will issue a call for applications and begin sourcing through our network.

Do you have a database that I can browse through to find my own candidate? Or how does it work?

Unfortunately, our candidate pool is not accessible to our clients or other interested third parties. This is owed to the sensitive issue of data protection, but also to professional reasons. As Recruiters we always follow the ground rule “No quick hires”. We know of the temptation of a quick success story in the hiring process. Yet, we advise all our clients to not give in. Practice, experience and research prove this to be the least favorable approach to hiring or filling a vacancy. Therefore, even if our database provides us with a match, we issue a proper call for applications (30 days) that we design together with you, enabling us to reach out to a much larger target group and thereby significantly raising the chances of your long-term success recruiting success.

What does AfricaWorks charge for their services?

Each client receives their individual proposal upon request including fees, methods and tranches for payment. We usually take into consideration factors such as company size, capacity, market, country of origin, industry, amount or specialty of vacancies and job level.

Do you also broker students and interns?

If you are looking for interns or students (e.g. to write their master thesis in your company), we can support you in various ways. Do reach out so we can assess your needs.

Why “Recruiting and Employability”?

We have detected a need for both the brokering of qualified staff for searching organizations (Recruiting) as well as the need of foreign students and graduates for coachings and sensitization for demands and criteria of European and African labour markets (Employability). Both areas constitute integral mainstays of our company philosophy and are implemented together with private and public partners.