FAQ for Clients

What are the services of AfricaWorks?

As a recruiting agency, AfricaWorks connects African professionals with international and local companies doing business in Africa or worldwide. Our focus lies on alumni with an academic background or work experience from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We thereby take care of the entire recruiting cycle – from the composition of a job profile to the placement of the right candidate. Most of our solutions are specifically tailored to the long-term needs of each corporation.
Which companies does AfricaWorks work with?
Our clients are international companies, many of them European already doing business in Africa and local (African) enterprises. In case of foreign entities we provide them with individual HR solutions as well as strategic partnership programmes. Many of our clients are startups and SMEs with strong or growing activities in Africa. In Germany we prefer working with Mittelstand companies.

What exactly do you offer for my business?

No matter if you are already doing business in an African market, whether you wish to expand or you are simply looking for staff inside or outside of Africa. We offer highly motivated job candidates with a profound education and distinctive skill as well as mindset. Due to their intercultural background you can employ them anywhere or let them be in charge of your business expansion as reliable staff members or partners in their home countries. When it comes to talent acquisition we offer models with a strong focus on training and loyalty in order to foster retention. We know our candidates, their wishes and needs. In case of higher management level positions we regularly conduct psychological analyses and are therefore able to help you with low risk / low threshold HR solutions.

What kinds of candidates do you have in your pool or can you source for my company?

Our pool contains candidates at all professional levels from over 25 countries with a focus on business, engineering and IT. In case the right candidate is not in our pool or he/she is currently unavailable, we will issue a call for applications and begin sourcing with the help of our networks. Fee free to send us your inquiries or questions. No case is too special for us.

Do you have a database that I can browse through to find my own candidate? Or how does it work?

Unfortunately, our candidate pool is not accessible to our clients or other interested third parties. This is owed to the sensitive issue of data protection, but also to professional reasons. As Recruiters we always follow the ground rule “No quick hires!”. We know of the temptation of a quick success story in the hiring process. Yet, we advise all our clients to adhere to that rule and not give in when trying to solve any urgent problem in such a way. Practice, experience and research simply prove this to be the least favorable approach to hiring or filling a vacancy. Therefore, even if our database provides us with a match, we issue a proper call for applications (30 days) that we design together with you, enabling us to reach out to a much larger target group and thereby significantly raising the chances of your long-term success recruiting success. If you are looking for comparable candidates on a permanent basis, we can then create a permanent line and constantly provide you with equal dossiers.

What does AfricaWorks charge for their services?

Our primary goal is to foster long-term partnerships and to place our awesome candidates. That said, each client receives their individual proposal. We do not work with rigid quotas or percentage fees because our clients differ tremendously in terms of size, capacity, market, country of origin, industry, amount or specialty of vacancies, job level and business model.

Do you also provide companies with interns?

If you are looking for interns or students who wish to write their thesis with a company, we can support you in two ways. In case of a concrete and recurring need from your side, we can directly provide you with dossiers. Moreover, we can put you in our internal list that we give to students to see who and where they can apply with directly. In any case, it is essential that you provide us with your criteria. This offer applies to small and large companies as well as associations or NGOs.