FAQ for Candidates

What are the services of AfricaWorks?

As a recruiting agency and career network, AfricaWorks connects African professionals with international and local companies in Europe and Africa, many of them already doing business in African markets. For candidates, we are ready to become their job broker and long-term career companion. This way we create networks between our continents.

Who is eligible to apply at AfricaWorks?

Candidates are generally required to hold the citizenship of an African country and to provide us with proof of relevant study or work experience outside of Africa, for example through a degree from a European university. In any case, the specific criteria for each vacancy will be mentioned in job profile or call for applications respectively. Graduates and students are equally welcome to join us. In case you have finished your vocational training in Germany (Berufsschulabschluss) or received your certificate from the local chamber of commerce (IHK-Abschlusszeugnis), you should send us an email directly to info@africaworks.eu

Is your service free of charge?

The service we provide for our candidates is free of charge. In case of specific events such as our career fair or individual workshops it can happen that participation comes with a small price tag. In that case we will make sure to notify you beforehand.

Can I also apply as a non-African citizen?

We do not exclude anyone because of their nationality and invite you to sign up as well if you are interested in our services. European, American, Asian or South American candidates are just as welcome, also because we sometimes receive inquiries from companies that do not require candidates to have a certain nationality. That said, we ask for your understanding that due to our focus and purpose we primarily take care of our African candidates.

How do I find a job through AfricaWorks?

In most cases we work job-oriented and order-related. That means if we receive a mandate from a company to fill a vacancy for them we generally first publish a call for applications for 30 days. Above that, you can also apply generally (General application with AfricaWorks) and will automatically be considered for any vacancy or position that matches your profile.

In any case you will first need to register as a candidate. After you have completed your profile we can start considering you for vacancies and possible jobs. We therefore recommend you to upload a PDF file of your CV instead of entering the information manually. As soon as a company wants to get to know you we will inform you. (Please ensure you check your spam folder on a regular basis!) We only consider complete applications, which is why it is your job to ensure your profile is complete and up to date. The more thorough you are with your answers and your CV, the better.

How can I change my account settings or the answers I gave in the questionnaire?

You can edit your profile in your own own account at any time. In order to change or add answers in your personal questionnaire you need to click on the General Application with AfricaWorks or on a specific call for applications respectively. You will then see the questionnaire in second place on the right side of your screen. Changing the settings is especially important when your personal status will change or has changed, e.g. after graduation.

What companies do you work with as employers?

AfricaWorks collaborates with international as well as local companies in Europe and Africa. Most do, but some do not have a relation with African markets. Many of our clients are startups or SMEs with strong or growing activities in Africa. In Germany we prefer working with Mittelstand companies, i.e. highly specialized and often family-run SMEs with long standing records and traditions. However, we generally do not disclose any company names and locations of our clients.

I would like to work in Europe for two to three years and then return to Africa. Is that possible?

We first of all ask you to realize that some job offers may require you to be more flexible and mobile than others. That being said, our focus lies on building individual solutions around the employer’s and the employee’s needs and wishes. This can, for example, mean that new staff members will be trained in Europe before they relocate to Africa with the same company. Others will relocate to Africa right away. In any case, we will try to accommodate your wishes as well as we can.

Is it also possible to become an independent business partner for a foreign company?

Yes, there are companies that are specifically looking for business partners who import and sell their products. You can confirm your interest in such a position by clicking on “Business / Sales Partnership (Self-employment)” in the respective section of the questionnaire.

How long does it approximately take to find a job through AfricaWorks?

The period of time required to offer you a job will depend on several factors, such as your work experience, professional focus, industry, nationality and existing labour market competition. Also please do note that we are not an employment agency. That first of all means we are not going to be able to provide each candidate with a job. Second, it means that we encourage all candidates to keep actively applying with companies. We are always there to help should you have questions concerning your CV or your career plans. The reason is that many of the positions we fill are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, which are again strongly related to developments and trends of the respective labour markets. In most cases we operated mandate-related and the order comes from a specific client. This is why it can happen that we get back to you soon due to a role you might be a good fit for. In any case we advise you to sign up ahead of time and keep your profile with us on a permanent basis. We want to stay in touch with you for a long time and we never know where you are going to end up. Also, we cannot predict if a company might just be looking for someone with your profile. This especially applies to all of those who are still enrolled at a German university, for example. We can therefore assist you better with your next career steps.

How long does it take until I am being invited for a job interview after you forwarded my profile to a company?

At AfricaWorks we always try to get the show on the road as quickly as possible. However, please try to be aware that we are always operating in a “communication triangle” between us, you as the candidate and the company. Especially on the companies’ sides there are often several stakeholders who need to be involved in making the decision on whether you are going to be invited or hired. It is often the case that the departments of Human Resources, Sales, Business Development Management and the Board need to first give a green light. This may take time, especially during holiday season or in case of joint meetings.

Why can I not find any job ads or vacancy posts on your website?

AfricaWorks is a recruiting agency, not a job platform. In other words, you apply for vacancies through us. If there is a larger mandate, we publish the respective job ad in our job list. In any case, we will generally consider you for any vacancy if your profile is complete and your formal qualification matches a job. Moreover, you can take a regular look at our LinkedIn wall where we publish the countries, industries and academic areas we regularly source candidates and receive applications for.

Does AfricaWorks also broker internship positions?

We generally do not directly provide students with internship positions. Yet, it can happen that we design internship programmes together with our client companies which are supposed to lead to full-time employment after successful completion of the programme. In any case, if you are a student who wishes to apply for an internship (e.g. “studienbegleitendes Pflichtpraktikum”) or if you want to write your thesis with a company, we will provide you with a list of partner companies and organisations from different industries and at different locations for that matter. You can then choose from the list and apply with them directly by referring to us. The respective contact persons will be aware of your application and will know how to handle it. If you want to learn more you can send us an email to info@africaworks.eu.