Zephania’s job shadowing experience in Germany

Job shadowing is perfect for introducing someone to a new workplace, allowing a comprehensive understanding of what roles, responsibilities and people within an organization are about. We were asked to accompany Zephania Shaidi, a representative from the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries (CTI), in Germany. His program was funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and organized by the Hanover Chamber of Commerce. Instead of one company for one week, Zephania got an insight of several organizations and jobs. We are glad having been able to guide him throughout his intense schedule and, of course, found some time for an interview along the way.

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… and this is us at AfricaWorks

When starting your own company you end up getting involved in daily details. Why is the internet not working? What’s for lunch? Who wants to go to that meet-up tonight? So it is important to recollect the essentials. And what would be more essential than to write about how and why we started AfricaWorks exactly three years ago in April 2016.

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