Profilfoto Philipp Lemmerich

Philipp Lemmerich

Founding Partner | Business Development & Communications

Designing common concepts and solutions for the world of tomorrow is what I invest in. But if we want to create something that truly has a future we cannot stop a borders. This is why an international framework matters to me most in my work.

Successful collaboration can only happen with the proper communication, which is what I am responsible for at AfricaWorks. I am in charge of telling our story and bringing it to a broader public. I also take care of internal administrative affairs.

Many of our candidates have deliberately chosen their challenges and detours to find a place where they can unfold their potentials and positively contribute to the greater good of our society. Telling their stories and supporting them in their paths is just as important to me.

Before founding AfricaWorks I managed a media agency that had its focus on Africa. I coordinated communications of international media projects and worked as a radio journalist in several African countries.

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