Launch of

These past weeks we used the time to go back to the drawing board. Based on the frequent requests by our candidates over the last years, we put all our experience and expertise together in a new product called

Through our work as recruiters we found that many candidates outside of Europe did not have a clue how to look for a job in Germany, how to strategize their job search or master the recruiting process. Most of them have never been to Germany, are not aware of the cultural and technical peculiarities of the German job market.

So many talented people kept asking us “How can I land a job in Germany?”, “How should I do this or that best?” For us it became impossible to help each and every one of them, and there was no useful and practical portal for information we felt was worth recommending. So we decided to come up with a coaching solution to assist as many people as possible from all around the world. comprises labor market data, step by step guidance, experience-based teaching material, practical information, pre-selected links, pertinent templates, intensive Q&A, success stories and personal assistance to be job-ready for Germany.

To us “Shaping collaboration” has always meant a firm belief in open borders and the right of global mobility. With our strategic coaching approach we intend to significantly raise the chances of everybody wishing to start their career in Germany.

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