AfricaWorks in Hannover – University workshop and industry fair await us

Once again, it is AfricaWorks in action and pushing employability: For the third time we are conducting our workshop “Build your career” and next Thursday and Friday it is going to be at Leibniz University Hannover. What is special about this particular concept from our workshop series is that it contains various elements supporting each participant’s individual preparation for the challenges of employment. We designed a role play based on true to life scenarios that are most likely to await them right after graduation. Our experience shows that international students should deal with the issues relating to career-building as early as possible. The following week, we will be paying a visit to Hannover Messe, the international industry fair that takes place from April 1 till 5. This year’s themes will be Industry 4.0, the opportunities of digitization and, of course, the dynamics on the African continent. Do reach out if you wish to meet.


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