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“Building your career” – Workshop at the University of Leipzig, Sep 27th

Apart from internships and working student jobs, students and graduates don’t have much insight into the corporate world. What is already a challenge at the regional or national level, is becoming an immense problem in an international context in which international companies speak a different language, have different needs and cultivate a different corporate culture.

In the one-day workshop, we choose an interactive approach in order to tackle the topic of “Employability in an international context”. How can I prepare myself in order to apply with an international company? Which ways are there to tell my personal story? Why is it important to understand the perspective of the future employer? Why is diversity a new trend concept?

The workshop is hosted by the African German Entrepreneurship Academy (AGEA), an initiative developed by the International SEPT Program of Leipzig University in cooperation with partners in Germany and Africa.  The aim is to promote entrepreneurship education and business incubator establishment in Africa as well as to establish practice oriented cooperation with start-ups and businesses.

If you are interested in hosting an AfricaWorks workshop yourself, you can get in touch here.

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